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Harry Tasker is a secret agent for U.S’ counter-terrorism agency unknown to his wife, Helen and daughter, Dana. Harry suspects his wife is having extramarital affairs, so he interrogates Helen in a disguise. A terrorist gang who Harry encountered earlier, burst in and brought them to an island. Dana was also taken but managed to escape stealing the bomb control key away from Aziz, the terrorist leader. Harry eventually killed Aziz and the rest of his gang, saving the day and his marriage with Helen.

Staff Review

True Lies was directed by James Cameron and starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. It delivered an action-packed yet humorous, romantic movie plot compelling enough to smash records and became a box-office success in 1994. The story made itself relatable (up until to this day) to its’ viewers as it tackles marriage/relationship problems, a secret-agent’s adventures, the lies in-between in an effort to keep things steady but backfires eventually and how to balance it all out. True Lies is filled of crazy and dangerous stunts, weapons, firearms, nuclear warheads, car chase, funny and sexy scenes… basically thrills and chills in a good action/romantic/comedy movie. The introduction is clear as it segues smoothly to its’ rising action. It continuously builds up to its’ climax (with more elements of suspense of course) then slowly to its’ falling action where things have calmed down then at last, the resolution. The best scene was Harry and Helen’s passionate tango dance as Helen becomes a secret agent too, implying that they have resolved their marriage conflict, wrapping the movie up, leaving the audience satisfied over a good ending. However, even for the strong points of the movie, one can’t help but underline its’ weak points too… like how the plot can get absurd at times. Having to get the wife strip off in front of a stranger when it was the husband. In the real world, that’s straight-up manipulation and deception just so you can interrogate your partner. Guess that’s why they came up with “true lies” as a movie title because in that scene, all of Harry’s lies have backfired. He then ultimately confessed to Helen what he truly does after taking a truth serum. There could’ve also been more background story for the villains, like why they want the U.S military to leave the Persian Gulf and got themselves into terrorism as a result.

The overall production wasn’t frugal as it provided exhilarating scenes and camera effects that weren’t cheap or weird to look at and I’m saying this, 26 years after the movie was released. The chemistry between Schwarzenegger and Curtis is also perfect. It did not disappoint; it was one of Schwarzenegger’s and Cameron’s best!

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