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Staff Summary

Desperate to get his girlfriend back, Stillman, a physics geek invented a time machine and used it to fix every bad situation they’ve been in just so she won’t dump him. Years later, the two got married of what seemed a flawless and perfect relationship but Debbie eventually felt unhappy and somewhat lost. Realizing the consequences of what he did, Stillman goes back in time again to change the circumstances when they first met.

Staff Review

Time Freak is the kind of teenage love story that has sincerely emphasized the common struggles and mistakes in a relationship in the hopes of overcoming it with some science invention. Good idea but nothing new really. We’ve seen, read and heard this same plot over and over again. It is realistic, relatable enough and, in the beginning, it clearly narrated what went wrong and how the characters foolishly responded to the existing conflict without realizing what the consequences might be. So at least, that’s a good foundation for the plot to develop.

The introduction came easy as it shifts quickly to the rising part. Then there was a slow yet steady build-up as it approaches the climax. However, the confrontation between the characters is already shaky and the lines are somewhat loose and inconsistent. The car chase scene in the falling action of the movie dragged the entire plot down to its’ resolution. Plus, it was way predictable. Happy ending? Yes. Good movie? Pretty decent but the deteriorating plot towards the end of the movie is a huge blemish one can’t conceal. The storyline showed significant development at first but somehow it messed up. Also, the only sci-fi part of this movie is the concept of time travel and the visual picture of the time machine. No weird yet mind-blowing, deep science stuff and anything interesting related to it. It was just some few boring lines. I was expecting for something more visionary, imaginative and fanciful. Other than that, it is a cute romantic movie injected with chunks of comedy. All thanks to Stillman’s best friend, Evan portrayed by Skyler Gisondo. His acting was topnotch and sharp. Being funny is a tough thing to do but Gisondo is natural at it. The portrayal of other characters was great but Asa Butterfield and Sophie Turner’s chemistry is painful to watch.

Overall, what I love about the movie is the message it wants to convey. Opposites do attract but somehow contrasting personalities conceive conflicts and careless actions hurt the very essence of staying and being together. Relationships require arguments and fights for it to grow and mature. There’s just no amount of time travel can make up for it.

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