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A lonely wishes to have a child when the good witch gives her a seed which grows a beautiful flower. Inside the flower is a little girl sound asleep. The woman decides to call her Thumbelina because she is no bigger than a human thumb. All Thumbelina desire in the world is to marry someone her size but she keeps getting situations that prevent her union with Prince Cornelius.

Staff Review

Thumbelina is a progressive retelling of a classic tale

Thumbelina was released in 1994 and for that time the movie’s feminist theme is quite well-written. Thumbelina thinks low of herself just because of how she looks so petite. Whenever these thoughts arise someone reminds her of the true beauty which can be seen by the worthy one. This was the time when talking about insecurities, self-doubt wasn't considered to be very woke but Thumbelina deals sensitively with these issues.

An animated movie can only work well if the voice actors do complete justice to their characters as the audience is relying on their vocal expressions to fully grasp the situation. Gary Imhoff, Jodi Benson, Gino Conforti, Charo, and all the rest of the cast delivered a fine performance. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman’s direction kept the story exciting until the very end, making it a classic to watch. The music is one big aspect of fantasy/animation movies as the songs help in progressing the story. Barry Manilow's music keeps the movie upbeat and delightful, as kids can easily be engrossed in the movie showing various characters happily singing and dancing.

This much ambitious adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale of a thumb-sized girl is the perfect example of how adaptations should be done. The classic tale can mesh well with modern ideologies which will only enhance the viewer experience. While the other animated movies have always found a way higher status as classics this one also deserved to be an honorary mention. It may not be the best-animated movie but it's an important one.

Thumbelina defies the stigma of Disney movies where all princesses are the epitome of beauty. The whole point of the movie is to tell young girls how nothing else matters when you are confident in your skin. One of the best scenes is when the mother tells Thumbelina to never wish to be someone else. Every little girl should watch this movie and take this line to be her life’s philosophy.

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