• rpartelow Avatar rpartelow 7 months ago

    None of these UPC’s work? This site used to have working numbers? I’ve tried many movies, and have found none that work. It’s sad

  • rpartelow Avatar rpartelow 7 months ago

    Can someone put the numbers back, this isn’t working at all

  • SirDVD Avatar SirDVD 7 months ago

    One of the major changes I made between the old site and the new site was consolidating all of the UPCs into a single listing for the specific movie they are associated with, whereas the old site had one UPC per listing per movie. While it does require a bit more scanning, nothing should be 'different' as nothing changed other than the addition of adding more UPCs. This is also why you can now vote for individual UPCs on each listing. It might take some time for users to vote up (or down) on each UPC that works, or doesn't, but I feel this is a much better system. That said, the 3rd and 4th SD UPCs work for this title so I'm not 100% sure what's happening on your end. Please make sure you see "This movie is not eligible" message from VUDU and not "Barcode not readable" before downvoting as you are downvoting UPCs that clearly work which will cause others to skip trying them when they see downvotes.

  • rpartelow Avatar rpartelow 7 months ago

    It says Barcode not readable on every thing..... I have tried many different movies, I have tried enlarging it, nothing is working. I have a new I phone 11, so it’s not the phone. I really appreciate you working so hard on things, I am not trying to be mean or hurtful, but I just wish you had left the actual numbers there, at least then when none of these worked, we could go and do it the way that did work.

  • AbeFroman Avatar AbeFroman 7 months ago

    If it helps any I click and hold the upc image until the “open image” dialog box pops up, for whatever reason this way works for me every time where it never reads the upc right from the main screen. Hope that helps

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