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Staff Summary

Inspired by a true story, Stubby is a stray dog who joined U.S. Army's Yankee Division in World War I along with his new master, Robert Conroy. He smuggled himself aboard on a ship where Conroy was as he and the other soldiers were en route to France. A man’s best friend that he is, Stubby saved his regiment and a nearby town from a poisonous gas attack. He also helped on locating buried bodies of his allies and comforted them. Stubby was later promoted as a sergeant for discovering and holding a German spy in the trenches.

Staff Review

To take something so grisly and gritty as World War I, this movie made it appealing to all ages which is truly challenging for the production staff. It is heart-rending yet irresistibly adorable and sweet even for the fact that it is based on a heavy theme. I like how informative it is and while the storyline is centered to Stubby, it did not at all compromise the other characters in the movie. That being said, there is a clear picture of who the other characters are and how their roles individually help shape and decorate the development of the movie’s plot. The narration was smooth and easy to understand as it guides the sequence of scenes from the beginning to the climax all the way to its’ ending. This animated film seemed ordinary but I was impressed on how it actually looked like a colorful storybook on screen… everything is just visually engaging.

This movie will teach you a thing or two on why wars should never happen again. Sending young men to the battlefield to fight and die while their families are left behind, fervently praying each passing day for them to come back alive. It is all too maddening. The sentiments of the narrator in the movie exactly pointed it out of what seemed to be an endless agony. A bleak hope knowing that thousands of bullets were flying, poisonous gas attacks can happen anytime and a pandemic flu was plaguing France. However, the movie is not all about the war. It is a true to life story about a young army man, a stray dog and their adventures which made their unexpected friendship even more special and genuine. The movie also showed scenes of camaraderie among U.S and French soldiers and lest we forget, Sergeant Stubby… he who showed exemplary and commendable job during the war. Sergeant Stubby did not only saved and rescued his allies but inspired them too for his unwavering bravery and loyalty.

Anyone who is a dog lover and into history (but please don’t expect much detail) should definitely see this. Recommendable and good for the heart!

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