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One man named Jigsaw Killer is making his victims play his sick and twisted games. He likes to call them tests as they are meant to make them realize how precious life is and they need to be a better person to be able to live. While Jigsaw Killer has a philosophical approach towards his method it doesn’t mean that they aren’t gruesome and gory.

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SAW appeals to the devil within each of us.

One movie that is a must-watch for all the fans of the horror genre is ''Saw''. Saw was a movie not meant to be for the faint-hearted. Even most horror/thriller movies like to appeal to a broader audience hence they end up dialing down the violent factor. But Saw doesn't work that way it's one of the most difficult movies to watch even for horror movie fans due to multiple scenes of dismembered bodies and gritty scenes.

Right from the first movie Jigsaw Killer (played by Tobin Bell) played a serial killer whose mission is not to just kill people but make them a better person when they complete his twisted game or they die. This already is a perfect plot to kickstart your Halloween scary movie marathon.

As a moviegoer, you can see the dedication of the storyteller and how much effort has been put into each frame. This movie truly was the James Wan passion project and it shows. He didn't only make a horror movie this franchise became a Halloween tradition for many. Seven years is a long time to keep a horror franchise running but Saw kept the thrill going. Saw was years ahead of its time when they made a whole movie on Jigsaw's heart-wrenching backstory on how he became the psychopath from a regular happily married engineer, John Kramer.

Every director has brought something new in all the installments of SAW which makes the whole experience unique every time you watch it, it's not one of those franchises where the same story is recycled with just new faces. Saw is hard to digest must watch movie series for those who crave this type of cinema. The movie isn't afraid to show the deepest darkest side of human psychology. The sadistic theme is common among all SAW movies which sometimes makes you squirm in your seat. SAW was the movie which brought the concept of releasing horror movie on the spookiest holiday of the year and turned it into a tradition. While most horror movies rely on jumpscares SAW relied on storyline and character developments which made it one of the best-made horror movies of all time.

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