Our Review for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Staff Summary

This slapstick comedy is probably best for older viewers. It truly is the perfect combination of crude humor and completely relatable content. Although bizarre this charming movie about a dysfunctional family Christmas will touch your heart and make you laugh out loud. It is the best of the four movies in the Chevy Chase ' Vacation' movie series.

Staff Review

This movie centers around an eccentric father's determination to make sure his family has an amazing Christmas. The movie opens up with Clarke (Chevy Chase) taking his family on a trip into the wilderness to find the perfect Christmas tree. After a plethora of hilarious mishaps when searching for the tree, the family travels home. 25,000 Christmas lights later and with the planned arrival of their eccentric in-laws and the unexpected arrival of their extremely crude cousin Eddie and his entire family, the Christmas celebrations get into full swing. With his massive Christmas bonus as inspiration, the family’s antics seem to have no lasting effect on Clarke's Christmas spirit that is until his Scrooge-like boss crushes his dreams and gifts him a certificate for jello of the month.

What follows are a series of misadventures from a kidnapping, a squirrel in the tree, to cat food in the jello salad and a pet cat being wrapped as a present. The Griswold’s family Christmas although relatable makes the majority of other families Christmas's seem normal. This movie is a classic example of how family get-togethers, especially around the holiday season, are never all they are cracked up to be. Even with the hardships the Griswold’s face in the movie, they are a perfect example of how a family can come together to make the best of a bad situation. Clarke and Ellen Griswold are a very relatable couple, she is without question the voice of reason in the relationship. Uncle Eddie is the perfect example of that one annoying family member that everyone has. Despite seemingly lacking any common sense, what Eddie lacks in brains he makes up in heart. The director did a wonderful job at making this movie relatable to most viewers through the various personalities each character possesses and through the many events that occur throughout the Griswold family Christmas.

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