• kiwisoup Avatar kiwisoup 2 years ago

    Neither of these UPCs work for the Extended Cut

  • youknowme592 Avatar youknowme592 2 years ago

    Anyone find a working UPC for this extended title??

  • JCecil2 Avatar JCecil2 1 year ago

    It's available when you stream through apple under features when connected by MoviesAnywhere. So essentially this copy can get you that.

  • Txmomof3boyz Avatar Txmomof3boyz 1 year ago

    I just now converted this title in HDX using the second code with the 1 under it.

  • mma121621 Avatar mma121621 11 months ago

    Txm, I downvoted the one that does not work. So the one that currently works has the most thumbs up as of writing this. (2 Thumbs Up)

  • Stone Avatar Stone 1 month ago

    Finally a working UPC for this, I am gonna watch this before Secrets of Dumbledore releases next week

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