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A monster targets a few teenagers who he kills by appearing in their dreams. Nancy Thompson is one of his victims who outsmarts him every time and is hell-bent on finding the true identity of the hideous burned face man who has killed everyone close to her.

Staff Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street sets the benchmark high for all the upcoming slasher movies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is hailed as the best slasher movie ever made for a reason. This movie is a perfect mix of a slasher and psychological horror. Robert Englund is unidentifiable as the psychotic monster ''Freddy Kruger'' who is out to get revenge. He is a truly terrifying villain with his burned face and steel claws. The story delves into some real sadistic themes, especially the pleasure which Kruger gets by terrorizing his victims who are oblivious to his backstory.

Usually, even villains would get a human past with some not so nice events which awaken the devil in them. But not Freddy he isn’t made to be felt sorry for even when he is burnt alive by the parents, the only thought that occurs afterward is that he so deserved it.

While many 80's horror movies fail to stand the test of time this one is truly a classic. The acting performances of a young cast which comprises of Heather Lagenkamp, Johnny Depp, Amanda Wyss, and Jsu Garcia doesn't feel over the top, a victory for the 80's horror genre. Johnny Depp even in a minuscule role gave such a memorable performance.

One thing that works highly in the favor of A Night on Elm Street is how it didn't indulge in the cliches of this genre and kept the movie mostly story-driven. There were no unnecessary dim lighting or jump scares, it was given that he will appear only when the teenagers will fall asleep. It's an excellent thriller which keeps the mystery around Freddy’s identity long enough and even when it is revealed no one could have guessed it.

Another thing that makes this movie stand apart from the rest of the slasher movies is an unpredictable ending. Usually, thriller movies have one main plot twist and a climax after which the character is shown to have moved on but in this movie there is another plot twist right before the credit rolls, giving viewers no time to regain their composure from the shock they just got- a real masterstroke.

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