What is this site?

This site is the most accurate unofficial list of titles available for VUDU's disc to digital service.

Comprised of user submitted listings and UPC codes (now almost fully automated!), the site keeps track of what is available, what is no longer available and which UPCs are available for the disc to digital service.

Users can keep track of the movies they have already converted, or browse movies that they own for UPC codes to scan in the event that they no longer have the original case the disc came in.

How do I covert a listing?

Search or browse for the title that you own in the catalog, open the VUDU disc to digital site on your mobile phone, find the UPC that you are converting and follow the instructions on the app to scan and purchase the title. It's that simple!

What is the difference between SD and HDX?

If you own a DVD of a specific title, scanning the SD barcode will allow you to purchase the SD version of the title for $2. You will have the option to 'up-covert' that title to SDX for $5.

If you own a BlueRay or UHD copy of a specific title, scanning the HDX barcode will allow you to purchase the HDX version of that title for the discounted rate of $2.

How can I help contribute?

Contributions made this site what it was and are extremely important for keeping it the best disc to digital database on the internet.

We are currently accepting contributions for catalog items that are missing associated movies. Associating movies via our easy to use movie search tool will allow users to quickly and easily submit contributions for these catalog items.

Contributions can be made via the Contributions Tab.

My movie isn't converting!

VUDU is strict on converting titles via the disc to digital application. The number one cause of issues is making sure you are at the same physical location that you have listed as the billing address on the credit card you have on file.

If you are having issues scanning UPC's, try another one. Make sure you down vote any UPC that says that it isn't available for converting, since VUDU disables specific titles over time.

How do I keep track of what I own?

You can click the "Add to Library" button to add any listing that you already own to your library. It will be saved under your profile where you, and others can see. You can also filter out the movies you already own from the search listings by enabling the "Don't Show" option on the "My Library" filter when searching

Where can I find out what is new today?

Both the Home page and the Activity page has up to date, live information on what has been changed. Most items are updated in realtime where as some are updated daily.

How can I leave a comment on a movie?

Comments can be left on each movie via the Comments section below the listing. You will be required to sign up to leave comments.

How do you handle my privacy?

We take privacy very seriously. It's very simple... Nothing is shared, sold traded, or anything of that nature. Everything on the site is encrypted and kept safe.

How can I contact you?

Any questions, comments, feedback, recommendations, etc can be sent via the Contact form or via the Forum

Feedback is always greatly appreciated so please, if you have suggestions feel free to drop a line.