Sniper: G.R.I.T. Global Response & Intelligence Team

1h 31m

When an international terrorist cult threatens global political stability and kidnaps a fellow agent, Ace Sniper Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) and the newly-formed Global Response & Intelligence Team - or G.R.I.T. - led by Colonel Stone (Dennis Haysbert) must travel across the world to Malta, infiltrate the cult, and take out its leader to free Lady Death (Luna Fujimoto) and stop the global threat. Ryan Robbins and Josh Brener also star in this globetrotting entry to the Sniper franchise.

Starring Chad Collins, Ryan Robbins, Luna Fujimoto, Josh Brener, Dennis Haysbert, Matthew Sim, Toshiji Takeshima, Eugenia Caruso, Marko Nikolic, Christian Scicluna
Genres Action , Suspense , Adventure
Studios Sony Pictures
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Title Sniper: G.R.I.T. Global Response & Intelligence Team

Release Date 2023-09-26

Country USA

Genres Action, Suspense, Adventure

Runtime 1h 31m

Sub Genres

Language English