Two Tickets to Paradise

1h 31m

Three Guys. Two tickets. No Clue. With their lives falling apart, three high school buddies - an imperfect father, wannabe rock-star and office supply clerk - leave their broken lives behind for a cross-country road trip to a coveted sporting event - just one problem...they only have two tickets! Two Tickets to Paradise is an off-beat comedy that takes us on a journey of lost dreams and under appreciated treasures; and reminds us that in the end, the one thing we can count on is our friends.

Starring John C. McGinley, Moira Kelly, Ed Harris, Paul Hipp, Pat Hingle, Janet Jones, Mark Moses, Rex Linn, Ned Bellamy, M.C. Gainey, Vanna White,
Genres Comedy
Studios Paramount Pictures , Filmhub
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Title Two Tickets to Paradise

Release Date 2010-07-26

Country USA

Genres Comedy

Runtime 1h 31m

Sub Genres Road Movie

Language English