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VUDU - a Walmart Company - is pleased to announce the release of their new Disc to Digital Mobile App that lets users convert their physical copies of their favorite movie titles to to UltraViolet digital copies using their smartphone all without leaving the comfort of their couch. Users simply scan the UPC "Barcode" on the back of their blu-ray or DVD cover (or box), and if the title is available - about 8,000 titles are apparently - you will be able to purchase the UltraViolet digital copy. VUDU offers the ability to purchase two different video qualities, for two different prices. You can choose either the SD or HDX digital copy of the title you scan. SD being your typical 480p Standard Definition resolution, or you can go all in for what they call their HDX quality, which is apparently streamed at 1080p/24 but with less compression and artifacts than most 1080p "HD" streams. I personally notice a difference between HD and HDX when I use the VUDU app on my Television, although this app seems to only have SD and HDX (no HD).

What it costs

Pricing for each title varies from $2.00 to $4.00 at the time of this article. Pricing will also depend on which Quality you wish to convert to and which quality you are converting from. Sounds complicated, but it's not. For instance, scanning the UPC code off of your 28 Weeks Later DVD will cost you $2.00 for the SD version and $5.00 to convert it to SDX, yet if you scan your Blu-Ray UPC it will only cost you $2.00 to convert it to SDX since you are going from HD to HD instead of SD to HD.

One thing to note, VUDU was smart and realized that someone could take their phone to essentially anywhere that has Movies and just scan barcodes at will, converting them to digital copies without actually owning them. VUDU's way around this was to simply require you to be at the exact location that matches the billing address under your account info. The phones GPS has to be enabled to even pull up the "Scan Barcode" or the Disc to Digital menu. Some people are having a lot of trouble even getting the app to work unfortunately because regardless of what they put in, the app still says that it must be used at the billing address. Bummer.

My thoughts

I'd say for the most part, this app brings a huge advantage over the old method of bringing in your titles to the nearest Walmart to have them converted and added to your account. Or using the computer software do do the same. This is way more fitting for todays world and for the most part the app works great almost every time assuming that you're GPS shows that you are in the area that matches the billing address on your VUDU Disc to Digital account. It is available now in the App Store or on Google Play, so go check it out!

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