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Want to hear something ironic? I developed this site to coexist with Vudu's Disc to Digital program, but the fact is, I can't even use the app from home... No matter what I do, or what I change, I still get the dreaded, "Location must match billing address. Disc to Digital requires scanning at your Billing Address." error message. Super annoying for sure.

So heres the idea... Vudu doesn't want you to go somewhere like a store, or essentially anywhere other than your house and scan barcodes off of disc covers. This is somehow suppose to prevent you from scanning movies that you don't own. I get it. I mean, for the most part it probably does prevent someone from doing exactly that, and that's great. I'm not advocating piracy in any fashion, but the problem is, for a lot of folks, especially those in rural areas (which i'm not), it works very poorly.

See, the problem is with the address that the app is getting. I have no clue what physical address the Vudu app is actually getting for my location since there is no way to check, but for whatever reason it doesn't match my card billing address which is the same address i'm scanning from. Works great at work, just not at home. Did I already mention that this was super annoying?

I've tried every variation possible. Uppercase, lowercase, the works. No matter what I do (almost) I can't get it to work. I do have a workaround, but it's pretty ridiculous and not very realistic for most people. Perhaps I will release the fix to those that can use it. We'll see.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I somehow doubt it ever will though. It's been a long time. Any suggestions to anyone who solved this, please post your fix below!

  • txbunny1 Avatar txbunny1 1 year ago

    I found that I had to enter the 4 digits after my zip code. Then I used google maps to correct my location. Now it works!

  • Zerocool Avatar Zerocool 6 months ago

    Once I let both my bank app and the VUDU app auto-fill my homes location it worked.

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