Site updates

For the better, or for the worse?

Posted by Sir DVD on Nov 13, 2017

Yesterday I pushed a major site overhaul. Below are a list of changes.

Switched to an "instant search".
Searching for a title will show instant results without page refreshes. Sorting and filtering is also instant (although this was instant before)

Cleaned up searching.
Before, when you searched for a title, the results returned were movies that were on the disc to digital list and movies that weren't on the list, but could be added. This was confusing to some people. Now, when you search, only movies that are on the list will be returned. If a movie hasn't been voted for, it will not show up. If a title doesn't show up, it can then later be added. (See below)

Adding a movie is a bit more straight forward.
Simply go do the Add A Movie page and search for the title you want to add. Voting on the title will add it to the list. A title with a sum of zero votes will be removed from the list.

Major overhaul for mobile operation.
Before, the site wasn't great on mobile. Mainly because the site kind of needs two devices to operate the way it was designed to operate. One device to show the barcodes, one device to scan them. In the beginning I expected the device that would display the barcode would be a desktop/laptop. Analytics showed that people were using second phones... Now, you can navigate the site exactly the same way you can on a desktop. Filtering works on mobile, whereas before you weren't able to filter results.

Disqus was added for commenting and general communications.
I was planning on adding a native forum or comment system, but I think disqus is a pretty solid option that takes care of spam control.

Profile editing has been added.
You can now edit all aspects of your user account, including a new profile/avatar option. This will be used shortly for the next update.